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Lombrolfe: A Nuzlocke challenge

  • ezas456

I run east and surf across the pond with the newfound HM. While surfing, we run into a cool dude, Creedence, the Tentacool. Sliding up the route a little more, Steven appears and sweeps me away to the Southern Island with Latios (What??). On the Island, we fend off Team Aqua and Latias just decides to join our party. Strange. Steven also decides we're cool and just hands us a Mega Bracelet. We get whisked away from the island and back to the route we were on.

The berry master is back, and I loot his berry farm for all it's worth and finally get some lum berries! I head north through the tall grass and remember that this is where you catch Feebas. I decide to try my luck and whip out the Good Rod. Magikarp. Welcome to the team, Phish.

I arrive in Fortreee City where I run across the tree house bridges and try to get to the gym. No dice. There is an invisible thing in the way. No one stops me from breezing through the city an going east though. Steven stops me again and shows me how to see the invisible chameleon things. It attacks! Now we have Karma, the chameleon on the team too. I run back to Fortree where Winota meets the wrath of Mega-evolved Soggy bottom's rock slide. She crumples.

On the way out, I decide to check out the safari zone. It's not that cool but I get a Pikachu! Welcome, Electric 6.

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  • ezas456

We spent much time grinding to find a water stone and evolved Moon unit to its final form. Led by the newly-evolved Moon unit, the team easily took Flannery down. After the epic fight, Soggy bottom became a Swampert!

We then went back to Petalburg to stomp my own father in another gym battle.

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  • ezas456

Since the last time we:

  1. Caught Beach boy, the Marill.

  2. Picked up Sum 41, the Plusle.

  3. Evolved Spamalot and Beach boy.

  4. Smashed Watson to get gym badge 3. Soggy bottom may be weak to electric, but he has some sweet ground moves.

  5. Needed to break some rocks, ran into Geodude. Welcome to the team, Hard rock.

  6. Guns, the Machop, joins the team. Hopefully some day we will meet his sidekick, Roses.

  7. Thwarted Team Aqua at Mt. Chimney!

  8. In a stroke of luck, Iron maiden, the Skarmory, becomes the catch of Route 113.

  9. Loverbug, the Surskit, joins the team.

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For live tracking of the whole run, see the run tracker

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