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Lombrolfe: A Nuzlocke challenge

  • ezas456

Since I started the game on Saturday, we've had the following riveting adventures:

  1. Picked up Soggy bottom, the Mudkip, as my starter.

  2. Caught Queen, the fire fang-wielding Poochyena.

  3. Moon unit, the teeter-dancing Lotad, joined the team.

  4. Made it through 1 gym battle. Roxanne didn't stand a chance against Soggy bottom and Moon unit.

  5. Queen, the fire fang-wielding Poochyena, died to a tragic critical hit at level 7. We had high hopes for you.

  6. Caught FotConchords, the steel-winging Taillow.

  7. Prince, the Slakoth, joins the team. Maybe one day he will become a slack king.

  8. Caught Spamalot, the Whismur.

  9. Prince dies in a truancy accident. His dreams of becoming a king will never be attained.

  10. Prince is the only one who can learn cut! AAAAAAHHHHHH

  11. Gym badge 2 acquired. Brawly got wrecked by FotConchords.

  12. Evolved FotConchords, Soggy bottom, and Moon unit

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  • ezas456

For people who want a little more challenge from their game designed for twelve-year-olds, we have: Nuzlocke

In this challenge, I will be going through Alpha Sapphire playing by the following rules:

  • Pokemon that faint are considered dead.

  • Only the first Pokemon encountered on each route may be caught. Exception: shinies

  • Pokemon must be nicknamed (themed to rock bands or rock band-adjacent things).

  • No using pokecenters or other "healing" characters. Exception: automatic checkpoint heals required for story advancement.

  • Legendary Pokemon cannot be used.

  • Battle style is "set".

  • Black-out / white-out ends the run.

Stay tuned for the progression of the run!

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For live tracking of the whole run, see the run tracker

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