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Forward through Lavaridge

Since the last time we:

  1. Caught Beach boy, the Marill.

  2. Picked up Sum 41, the Plusle.

  3. Evolved Spamalot and Beach boy.

  4. Smashed Watson to get gym badge 3. Soggy bottom may be weak to electric, but he has some sweet ground moves.

  5. Needed to break some rocks, ran into Geodude. Welcome to the team, Hard rock.

  6. Guns, the Machop, joins the team. Hopefully some day we will meet his sidekick, Roses.

  7. Thwarted Team Aqua at Mt. Chimney!

  8. In a stroke of luck, Iron maiden, the Skarmory, becomes the catch of Route 113.

  9. Loverbug, the Surskit, joins the team.

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